What Does A Network Technician Do?

In a world where organizations and businesses are becoming more dependent on computers to store sensitive data, communicate with other departments and accomplish their regular tasks, companies have to depend on professionals who can implement and maintain their computer networks. This task is performed by network technicians. Computer network technicians are responsible for setting up Internet connections, establishing different types of networks like LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network) for bigger organizations and connecting them. Network technicians are also responsible for establishing and keeping routers and servers functioning.

The job of a network technician does not end with setting up these networks. They will continue to provide support for the company. They see to it that the systems are functioning as they should and that glitches or other problems are immediately addressed. When systems malfunction, they have find solutions quickly without paralyzing the other computers and equipment in the network.

Before setting up a company’s computer network, they first find out what the needs of the company are. They consider such factors as the size of the company, its users and other considerations and then come up with the solutions to meet those needs. They also continue to oversee the networks to ascertain that these continue to remain efficient. If there are hardware and software issues that need fixing, network technicians work to solve these. They also take charge of installing new equipment into the network infrastructure.

The incidences of cybercrimes have arisen over the past years as hackers have started to use more sophisticated methods to hack in to the systems of companies to obtain significant information that can be used for unlawful purposes. To protect network systems against this, it is also the job of network technicians to secure the company’s computer network.

They install antivirus software in all the computers of each department and ensure that these are regularly updated. They also see to it that firewalls are put up and that everyone in the company observes established regulations regarding network security, such as by not sharing their passwords with anyone and knowing how to identify suspicious emails and not opening them.

Since not everyone in the company has the technical knowledge that members of the IT department have, part of the task of network technicians is to educate co-workers on the important facets of the network, especially as it pertains to them or their department. They may lead group discussions or undertake one-on-one sessions with fellow employees. In some cases, they may also have to provide assistance to the company’s customers in matters related to technical issues. In the event of a security breach, network technicians may even be asked to talk to members of the senior management team and brief them on the possible causes and proposed solutions for the problem.

The expertise and knowledge of computer network technicians is also going to be put in use in choosing hardware and software for the company. The task of helping select the best equipment and programs for the organization can happen when the company is still first establishing its computer network and at any point after that when it has to update and install new software and hardware. They can also make the request for new equipment when existing ones have become unreliable.

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