What Does A Painter Do?

Painters are an integral part of the construction industry because they provide the exterior and interior finish of homes, offices and buildings. By applying sealers and paint, they don’t only make walls look beautiful, they also keep these (especially the outer walls) protected from faster wear and tear brought about by exposure to natural elements.

When painters contract to do a paint job, the first thing that they usually do is talk with the homeowner or business executives to determine what parts of the house or building will be painted, how large the area is and the colors that they want for it. They will also ascertain the style that the owner wants for the job.

There are different techniques that painters use to create a distinct style for the walls they paint. They can use rag rolling, sponging, distressing and other finishes. They may also add glaze so that the wall has added depth and texture. These requirements will have to be discussed beforehand so that all expectations are laid out and all questions are answered.

Calculating the costs and amount of paint needed to get a job done is another task that painters must do. By measuring the total area that needs to be painted and taking into consideration the colors that will be used, painters are able to calculate how many gallons of paint are needed and how much the costs are going to be. If there are areas in the structure that need to be filled, the estimates will also include putty or plaster. Other materials such as primers that will make the paint stick as well as brushes, rollers and sprayers are also included in the quotations.

When the painters and the persons who hired them have already agreed on the price for the job that needs to be done, the painter will then purchase the materials and then start the work. Before the actual painting is carried out, they see to it that fixtures like pictures and electric switch covers are removed.

They will also cover the floor and furniture so that their surfaces don’t get stained with paint. If the area that needs to be painted is high, the painter will set up ladders and scaffolding so that the topmost areas can be reached. For high-rise buildings, they may need to use harnesses and bosun chairs. The painter will also decide on the kind of brush that they will use for the job depending on the type of paint that will be applied. For example, rollers may be used for oil-based paint and sprayers may be the applicators of choice for latex-based paints.

The painters will then proceed to apply paint on the surface. They will see to it that the paint is well-applied especially on the edges since little mistakes are easily seen. After applying the first coat, they will let the paint dry before applying the second coat. The surface must also be completely dry before any other designs and final coats are made on the walls.

If the work is done outdoors, painters can expect to work under the heat of the sun since paint is typically applied when the weather is good. The job can be tiring and physically demanding. After the job is done, painters review their work and make sure that there are no missed spots before turning over the work to the owners.

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