What Does A Pastor Do?

As the leader of a Protestant Christian church, the most visible job of a pastor is to preach to his flock every Sunday. However, there is more to being a pastor than simply preaching the Word of God even if that seems like it’s the only thing they do. They actually fulfill a lot of roles and do different kinds of work as leaders of their church community.

Aside from giving the sermon on Sundays, they also lead small group worship services and Bible study sessions. Pastors also officiate weddings, baptisms, funerals and other religious ceremonies. They also take the time to research and study what they teach to their church followers to ensure that these are in consonance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Pastors also perform outreach projects to those in need. They organize their church members when there are calamities and disasters that have affected people within or even outside their immediate communities. They ask their members to donate goods, cash or even services for those affected by these disasters. They then take charge of bringing the donation to their intended recipients or channeling it through humanitarian organizations.

Pastors also take the time to listen the concerns of their members. They usually visit parishioners in their homes or mingle with them after Sunday worship to ask how they are doing. This is one way for them to build relationships with the people in their community. In areas where the pastors know their parishioners one by one, pastors are often the go-to guys during emergencies.

People who are troubled go to them for advice on various issues like drug use, alcoholism, depression, marriage, divorce and heartache. They also have to be willing to respond to parishioners who go to them any time of the day or night asking for their help. They may also run their own regular projects, like a soup kitchen to feed the homeless or a counseling program for those suffering from substance abuse.

Pastors may also teach future servants of God in theology schools. As a teacher, they are tasked with preparing lesson plans and performing similar tasks that teachers do like giving tests, grading students and facilitating an engaging discussion about a topic in the classroom. They also help students who are unsure of the career path they have chosen and guide them in determining whether a vocation as a pastor is truly right for them.

Pastors may also lead the members of the community in various causes especially in matters that affect them. They may protest against large projects planned for their community that would be detrimental to the environment or the livelihood of the people there. They often advocate for the entire community, acting as the voice of the people in public hearings about various issues and even filing complaints in court when out-of-court discussions don’t settle the matter.

Pastors also have to perform administrative tasks to ensure that the church continues to function and carry out their projects. They budget, hire employees to perform other types of work in the church and see to it that the church bills are paid on time.

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How To Become A Pastor

How To Become A Pastor

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