What Does A Photographer Do?

A photographer uses a digital camera to capture various models and subjects for different clients. You will be editing photos using editing software and presenting the final products to clients either in digital or printed format.

Photographers utilize their artistic skills and technical knowledge of taking pictures and using the camera to capture compelling and beautiful images of various subjects. The passion to take pictures and the opportunity the career provides to be able to run their own photo studio and even teach photography to college students are just some of the reasons to go into this occupation.

The pay may be modest but the satisfaction of being able to do something you love every day is definitely more than what money can buy.

If there is one succinct way to describe what photographers do, it is this: They capture moments. Using their camera, they utilize their technical knowledge and creativity to get photographs of people, places and events. They capture these images for technical, creative and documentary purposes. Depending on their field of specialization, they can take pictures of weddings, portraits, babies, landscapes, food and fashion. Photojournalists are photographers who tell news stories through the images they capture. Thus, they can take photos of warzones, calamity-stricken areas or to accompany human interest stories.

Part of the work of photographers involves talking with clients to determine how they want the images taken and how they will be used. This is particularly important for photographers who take pictures of people or events. Those who work freelance have more leeway in terms of the kind of images they take because they themselves look for the subjects and opportunities on a particular theme.

Before a photo shoot, they ensure that the props, backgrounds and other objects are in place. They see to it that all elements are in consonance with the theme of a particular shoot. They may even conduct research before doing a shoot if they want more information that would make their photos stand out. During the photo session, they talk with their subjects and do their best to put them at ease so that they can give the right emotion that photographers want to capture. They direct them how to pose and where to look while the shots are being taken.

Digital cameras are used by photographers these days instead of the silver-halide cameras that were used by the photographers of yesterday. While this may make picture-taking more convenient, it also necessitates that they learn new technical skills associated with handling digital cameras. In addition to being able to manipulate lenses and lighting expertly, they also have to know how to work on specialist software related to digital cameras. They have to learn how to save the images to portable memory devices, transfer the images to a computer, edit the photos using computer processing software and print them using high-quality printers. Thus, keeping up with trends in the industry is an important part of the work of photographers.

Photographers also prepare proofs to be approved by their superiors. Those who are self-employed put together albums and framed prints so they can be sold to clients. Whether they are salaried or not, photographers work with people like graphic designers, art directors and gallery managers to help them carry out their projects.

Travel may be involved in one’s career as a photographer. They may go to various locations both in and out of the country to shoot pictures. Photographers working for fashion magazines may attend fashion shows in different fashion capitals the world over or take photos of models in locations like beaches, buildings and other areas. They may shoot the pictures at different times, making their work hours irregular.

Photographers who run their own business may also manage tasks that are not related to photography. To ensure that their business will continue to thrive, they conduct or delegate invoicing and accounting. They see to it that appointments do not overlap and basically ensure that other business aspects of the work are well-taken care of. They purchase supplies, keep records and hire employees. If the business grows and they need to add more people to the team, they are also responsible for training new hires.

In addition to managing the business, they also have to ensure that their portfolio continues to be excellent. Quality portfolios are important in this profession because it enables them to get new clients and retain existing ones. They also have to produce business cards and other advertising materials to let the public know about their services. Websites are important for all businesses these days and photographers are no exception. They need to ensure that the pictures on their site reflect the best examples of their work. Photographers face tough competition from other people these days because advancements in technology have placed cameras within the reach of regular individuals. In order to remain competitive, they have to showcase their best work and professionalism all of the time.

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