What Does A Sales Manager Do?

When it comes to increasing bottom lines, organizations rely on their sales managers. They are the point persons in any company as far as meeting sales targets are concerned that sales managers often work long hours just to be able to meet expectations.

Although this is a position of leadership that allows brilliant strategists to implement their game plans for improving their company’s profitability, sales managerial posts are also highly-demanding and stressful. It is still very appealing for those who thrive in competitive and fast-paced sales environments.

One of the most important tasks of sales managers is directing how the company’s sales plan is to be carried out. Just like a director in an orchestra who sees to it that all instruments play together to create beautiful music, sales managers ensure that the different aspects of the organization’s sales efforts work harmoniously to return profits for the company.

They set short-term and long-term goals, including sales quotas that all members of the team must meet, and assign sales representatives to their respective territories. In order for sales staff to know what is expected of them, sales managers are responsible for crafting training programs, especially for those who are new to the team.

Sales managers do a lot of data analysis so they can do their work well. For starters, they look at sales data so they can determine how their product or service will perform in the market. They also scrutinize this information to figure out if they need to add more to their inventory or shift to another item that the customers will most likely patronize.

Based on these metrics, they are also able to determine if certain products should be given at discounted prices or if they need to come up with special pricing plans to be able just to be able to dispose of what’s left of their stocks.

As the go-to persons for increasing the company’s profits, sales managers must come up with plans to get new clients for the company. For example, they may direct their team to carry out more cold calls to prospective clients and conduct more marketing meetings. If necessary, they may need to introduce new sales techniques and train personnel on how to put these in action.

Providing continuous training to the sales team is an integral part of the job of sales managers to help the company grow and do good business. It also empowers their team to meet quotas (which is ultimately their responsibility).

Ultimately, sales managers are leaders of the sales team. Thus, they should set the example to the rest of the members of their team. If they want those under them to work hard then they should also work hard. If they want each salesperson to become independent and think for themselves, sales managers should not close their deals for them.

They should empower their team to complete their own transactions. While they may help close some major deals, sales managers need to train their people to become independent so they can make their own decisions and contribute to the growth of the organization.

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