What Does A Salon Manager Do?

A salon needs to have a salon manager if it wants to function efficiently every day and ultimately thrive in the beauty industry where competition is keen. Whether the salon provides hair services, manicures and pedicures or massage treatments or combine all of them, it is the job of salon managers to ensure that the establishment gives excellent customer relations and maintains the quality of their services.

Clients of establishments that seek to improve personal appearance require the highest degree of customer service. They want to be given a clean and hygienic environment so that they are assured that they won’t get any infections while getting their beauty treatment. Salon managers must always stress the importance of sterilizing tools before they are used on the next customer. Customers also want to see to it that they are given the proper hairstyle, the right hair color, a pain-free manicure or pedicure, a relaxing facial scrub or the look that they want to achieve with the aid of makeup. It is the job of the salon manager to deliver all these and more.

Part of the job of salon managers is hiring cosmetologists, nail technicians and stylists who have the skills to deliver the work that customers expect of them. They must make certain that they meet the educational and licensing requirements of the state. They may also test the skills of the stylist by asking them to do certain tasks. When an employee gets hired, the salon manager must train them on what their duties are and what the establishment expects of them as far as interacting with clients go.

They also inculcate in their employees the importance of keeping their workstations sanitary at all times. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and each year, there are new techniques and technologies that salons must use to remain competitive. It is the job of salon managers to send their employees to training programs regularly so that they are updated on the latest trends and can offer these services in their salon.

Clients are the lifeline of a salon’s business so salon managers must reiterate the importance of putting customers first among their employees. This is why salon managers are hired from the ranks or at least comes from another shop that caters to the personal beauty needs of clients. Their experience in caring for customers as hairstylists or cosmetologists gives them the knowledge they need to ensure that customers keep coming back. Salon managers have to be able to address any complaints that customers have against the salon’s services or employees promptly. This can be tricky because they may have to balance the satisfaction of customers to the policies of the establishment. Many salon managers have the ability to handle these situations smoothly which is advantageous for the business.

Salon managers have to stay on top of the accounting and budgeting of the salon’s expenses. They must see to it that the salaries are paid on time so that the stylists will have a happy disposition when coming to work and that the bills for water, electricity and others are paid promptly. Failure to do so would mean business losses. They also have to make sure that their store carries the beauty products that most customers love to buy. They need to review the inventory regularly and orders promptly made to suppliers for products that have run low.

Promotions and offers that are meant to draw the customers to the beauty establishment are also the brainchild of salon managers. They do have to consult the viability of the promotional deals they have in mind with the employees and take into consideration the economic realities of the moment but when they are satisfied that such offerings will bring in customers, they would then work on crafting the advertisement itself.

If the salon has the budget for it, the managers get in touch with advertising agencies to craft an ad based on the concept and then bring this to radio or television stations so that it gets disseminated. If the salon does not have an advertising budget, the managers and employees may just use the old but effective word-of-mouth method by telling their existing clients about their offers.

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Salon Manager

Salon Manager

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