What Does A Sculptor Do?

A sculptor crafts three-dimensional objects or statues from different kinds of materials and turn them into works of art. Sculptors can make something truly remarkable from metal, wood, stone or even ice. Modern-day sculptors may even make amazing designs from scrap metals and other junk that may already seem worthless at first. Using their imagination and penchant for coming up with new design concepts, they can even make statues out of paper, PET bottles and even materials that one would not believe can still be used for sculptural pieces.

In addition to carving and molding one material to form designs, sculptors can also put together different kinds of materials to create a work of art. Some sculptors may even come up with what are known as kinetic sculptural pieces which feature movement, lights and sounds.

Sculptors must make their imaginations work so they can create pieces that people would love to look at or place in their homes, lawns or offices. They also have to determine which material can best be used for a particular design and what tools are going to be needed to come up with the sculptures they have in mind. When commissioned to do a particular project for a public place, they may also need to conduct a site visit to check the features of the area and take this into consideration when deciding on the sculptures to make.

Sculptors typically do their work in ample-spaced studios which can accommodate their materials, tools and completed pieces. While they have the flexibility to work when they want, self-employed sculptors must see to it that they deliver the goods to the one who asked them to undertake the project on or before the given deadline. Large projects usually take months to finish.

It is difficult for sculptors who are just beginning in the industry to be asked to work on financially profitable projects. They have to rely on another stable job to be able to pay rent and utilities and buy food while working on their sculptures to include in their portfolio during their free time. They also have to be business savvy in promoting their work if they ultimately want to become fulltime sculptors and focus on a sculpting career for the rest of their lives. There are many ways to do this.

First, they can create their own website where they can feature and even sell their sculptural pieces and accept made-to-order items. They should also actively seek opportunities to display their work in local art galleries and museums. While space in galleries may be difficult to book given the strong competition among fine artists, neophyte sculptors should do their best to showcase their work in these areas. Although getting known online is one way to promote their sculpting career, sculptors should also endeavor to get featured in local newspapers and magazines as this is added publicity that would help promote their craft and enable them to gain clients.

One of the most effective means of self-promotion, however, is for sculptors to be asked to display their work permanently in public places where a lot of people frequent. By having their names placed beside their art pieces, sculptors are able to showcase their skills and abilities which can lead to getting potentially more clients.

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