What Does A Security Guard Do?

Security guards are hired by public and private agencies and companies to protect their properties from vandalism, theft and other forms of criminal activity. They can be assigned to one particular area of the establishment or they can be in-charge of the entire space and thus have to do rounds. Also known as security officers, guards ensure that the company’s rules and policies are enforced and that everyone in the building is kept safe and well-protected. Their very presence serves as a deterrent to anyone wishing to do undertake any illegal act.

The job of a security guard varies depending on the area where they are assigned in. For instance, if they are tasked with guarding a sports stadium, one of the very important tasks that they fulfill is that of crowd control. They direct people to their seats and see to it that people don’t overstep their bounds. For those who work in bars and nightclubs, the job can include collecting cover charges and asking for identification to prevent minors from getting inside. Inside the club, they see to it that order is maintained and that unruly or drunk customers are escorted outside.

Security guards working in banks need to be constantly on the watch for robbers who might want to rob it. They must be thorough in inspecting clients and the bags they bring inside the establishment to ensure that there are no guns or other weapons that could be used to commit crimes. Guards who accompany the bank’s armored cars must see to it that they wear bulletproof vests, have their weapons on hand and be alert and active for potential criminals who want to get their hands on the valuables and money that they will be bringing. This is one of the more dangerous jobs of security guards since it’s much easier to hijack money when it is in transit.

The task of security guards who work in military bases and government buildings is to know who goes in and out of their premises. Thus, they check the ID cards of everyone who enters and ascertain the purpose of their visit, particularly for those who are not employed with the government establishment. Guards may also be assigned to work in educational establishments where they see to the welfare of the students and are on the lookout for any suspicious activity. For security officers who are assigned in malls and shopping centers, their main responsibility is to see to it that shoplifting is prevented and that those who are caught stealing goods without paying for them are detained until the police arrive.

While security guards are trained to handle emergency situations, they must also get assistance from the proper authorities. They must contact the police or ambulance services for emergency medical situations. If there is fire, they must call the fire department right away.

Security guards don’t just conduct security checks. They also write the reports to detail the events they have observed while on patrol. If there are court hearings about a particular event that happened in their jurisdiction, the guard can also be called upon to give testimony in court.

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Security Guard

Security Guard

A security guard works in retail stores, banks, hotels, hospitals, museums, parking areas and other places. Your main task is to ensure that the property and its contents you are guarding is protected[...]

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