What Does A State Trooper Do?

State troopers, also known as state police officers or highway patrol officers, are law enforcement officers who are responsible for enforcing the state’s traffic laws and performing other functions that help maintain peace and order and keep the public safe. Their primary task is to ensure that motorists follow traffic rules and regulations. They may issue speeding tickets to those who go beyond the set speed limits, apprehend those who are driving under the influence and investigate traffic accidents. When they have apprehended an individual for violating traffic laws, state troopers also ask for their licenses and vehicle registration and conduct a background check to determine if the driver is facing other charges. In the event that the violation requires the driver to be detained, state troopers are responsible for escorting him to the nearest facility.

While state troopers spend most of their time in the highways monitoring traffic, they can also be called upon to help enforce laws or assist in apprehending criminals especially in police departments of rural areas. Thus, their work would also include cooperating with and relaying intelligence information with these law enforcement departments. They also help maintain peace and order especially when there are civil disturbances. They also make the necessary judgments in each situation they are called upon to respond to determine how best they can diffuse tension, keep the public safe and apprehend erring individuals.

Arresting suspects of different crimes are part and parcel of the job of state troopers. This is mostly where their job becomes quite dangerous since some suspects may use all possible means to escape. This includes using weapons and engaging the state trooper with gunfire. Troopers have to be physically strong and have quick reflexes in order to avoid being shot and be able to forcibly arrest suspects if necessary.

State troopers may be called upon to provide testimony in court regarding the cases they handle. Thus, they have to prepare themselves for these cases by reviewing the facts they have on hand and ensuring that they have the evidence necessary to support their statements.

State troopers may also be called upon to respond to emergencies and make rescues. For example, they may be asked to help victims of a vehicular accident. When they arrive at the scene, they assess the situation and determine how best they can pull out victims from the wreck. They may have to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation and provide initial treatment before transporting the victims to the nearest hospital. Aside from accidents, they may also be called to help people who are trapped or injured due to floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Aside from fulfilling their role as law enforcers, state troopers also seek to build good relations with members of their community. Thus, they may go around schools or communities and provide educational lectures to students on various topics, such as the dangers of drinking while driving under the influence. They also extend their help to victims of crimes and help facilitate their transfer to safe houses if necessary. The assistance that state troopers provide in controlling the crowd during massive gatherings, such as during parades, festivals or sporting events, is also indispensable.

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State Trooper

State Trooper

A state trooper performs similar responsibilities as that of police officers as far as law enforcement is concerned. Most of your time will be spent on making sure that traffic rules are being followe[...]

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