What Does A Web Developer Do?

One of the jobs that have arisen with the advent of the Internet is that of a web developer. They design, create and maintain websites, always seeing to it that it does not only look good but function as expected as well. Web developers can take care of all the areas of building a website but there are those that will only take care of a particular aspect of the entire task.

Web architects are web developers who focus on the site’s technical construction while web designers take care of the aesthetic aspect of the website, such as incorporating graphics and designing its layout. Those who maintain and update websites are called webmasters. They see to it that websites operate as they should and errors like broken links are fixed.

Before web developers start to build a website, they first meet with their clients to determine what kind of site it will be. Websites that will deliver news have a different layout and set of features than those that are meant for e-commerce or gaming. The type of site that the client wants will also determine the kind of applications that will be placed there. E-commerce sites would always need to have a checkout application to process customer payments while news sites don’t normally have such. An initial meeting to determine what the client wants is one of the first things that web developers do when working on a project.

Web developers can write custom scripts if it is needed to deliver the site that the client desires. They know how to build a site from scratch, unlike mere web enthusiasts who simply know how to make personal websites from ready-made programs. They have the technical knowledge necessary to ensure that the online platform they create is functional and interactive. They know basic programming languages like HTML and CSS and advanced languages like JavaScript and Ajax. They can also code with the use of just a simple text editor. Because of their extensive training and knowledge, they are able to incorporate audio, video and images to the website with ease.

Website developers also debug the website applications whenever it experiences problems. They also check the traffic the website brings regularly to determine if it is bringing in the numbers the company wants. They may also work with other members of the team to decide on website content. There are other web developers who also contribute content to the site even if there are writers who are responsible for the bulk of the content.

As more and more Internet users access the Internet through mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets, companies are making their websites mobile-friendly. The job of website developers in these instances is to come up with apps that will make the site content display and work correctly in various multimedia devices.

Website developers must see to it that the website is easy to navigate. This is an important part of their job because visitors can easily leave the site if the elements are not presented logically, making it difficult for them to find the information they are looking for. They also constantly check if various features in the website are working correctly. For example, they make sure that the survey forms and sales forms work as they should. The forms should direct them to the page where they need to be when they click on the “submit” or “enter” button.

One of the most challenging parts of the job of web developers is when the website crashes during heavy traffic. They will have to determine where the problem lies and brainstorm ways to improve the site structure so that similar incidents don’t happen again. If the site is contending with a security breach, web developers work together with information security specialists to determine who was responsible and identify the steps that need to be taken to strengthen the website.

A web developer can describe an individual who engages in website development work. A web developer may also describe a company that has a team of web and IT professionals who cater to the IT needs of various companies. Smaller firms with just a simple website to maintain may hire just one web developer. Huge companies that want to command an online presence and have the budget for a technologically sophisticated website choose to hire experienced web development firms to create and maintain their websites.

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Web Developer

Web Developer

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