What Does An Assistant Principal Do?

An assistant principal has a very important job made up of a variety of tasks and responsibilities. The most important piece of this job is to offer support and assistance to the principal.

Assistant principals work at a variety of school settings, both private and public, including:

An assistant principal’s job duties can vary quite a bit, depending on the school where they work. Each school has unique needs depending on the population that it serves, its geographical location and programs that it offers. The role of assistant principal is adapted to best meet these specific needs.

Assistant principals often participate in community outreach events designed to tell people about their programs and attract future students. Before the start of every new school year, assistant principals help organize registration activities, as well as student orientation events. These events allow parents and students to meet the staff and see the facility before the start of the year.

In some schools, the assistant principal is responsible for supervising and evaluating teachers and their performance in the classroom. This includes handling formal and informal observations of their teaching, providing feedback, and helping to develop an improvement plan when necessary. Many are in charge of supervising teacher working conditions, and helping teachers communicate with the principal when necessary.

Assistant principals also look at the staff as a whole and determine the overall strengths and weaknesses of the school’s educational program. Then, they choose which staff development opportunities and trainings will best meet the school’s needs. They are often in charge of organizing and carrying out staff trainings.

Assistant principals also work to improve their own knowledge and professional skills by attending available administrative trainings and professional development workshops.

Many assistant principals take an active role in supporting smooth communication between students, students and teachers, or teachers and parents. This role is especially important during times of conflict or difficulty. They help develop plans for students who may be struggling at school, and watch for those who may be having a difficult time socially.

Assistant principals often assist in the development of a school wide behavior management plan. This includes starting and carrying out programs to improve school culture, and helping students learn the positive skills they need to be successful in a school environment.

Sometimes the assistant principal is the person in charge of disciplining students who have broken school rules. This can involve scheduling and supervising detention, and assigning consequences for minor mistakes. It can also include more severe situations that require contacting parents or law enforcement, and following suspension or expulsion procedures.

At many schools, the assistant principal is responsible for hosting meetings, including routine staff meetings, as well as those that are specific to a one-time issue that needs to be addressed.

Assistant principals are always in charge of helping the principal supervise the day to day operations of a school, making sure that safety is guaranteed for all students and staff, and that district policies are being followed.

They are often involved in developing the school’s goals, and deciding which programs are needed to meet those goals in the most effective way. This can include supervising academic programs to see if they are beneficial.

Many assistant principals are in charge of managing school finances and watching over the school’s budget. This means they may have to make decisions about what programs to add or cut depending on funding. They listen to staff input and opinions as much as possible when making these decisions. This includes deciding what supplies and new equipment need to be purchased to help the school run smoothly.

State assessments are an important part of education. Assistant principals help make sure that teachers are trained and prepared to give the tests, following all testing rules and procedures. They also supervise test administration.

In addition, assistant principals help collect and monitor the data necessary to make sure the school is meeting state academic standards. If performance on standardized tests is below the school goal, assistant principals can help develop and carry out a plan to improve student performance.

Assistant principals often attend district, state or national meetings and conventions in order to return and share information with their school staff. These meetings can be about new programs or policies, or future curriculum changes.

Often, assistant principals are required to organize and supervise school activities, including extracurricular activities including, but not limited to:

A successful assistant principal must always have the best interest of students and staff in mind. An assistant principal must always behave in a professional manner, and communicate well with other administration, students, staff, parents and people in the community.

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Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

An assistant principal is a school leader and supportive team player. Elementary school assistant principals’ duties will most likely differ from that of a middle or high school assistant principal.[...]

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