What Does An Inside Sales Representative Do?

An inside sales representative is a professional who conducts sales transactions by phone, through computer and other remote means. They make cold calls, follow up leads and make inbound sales transactions. Although they are contrasted with outside sales representatives who conduct face-to-face transactions, the modern inside sales representative of today may also call clients and then meet with them to close the deal. Most of the time, however, inside sales representatives confine their transactions from the comfort of their office.

In a typical day, inside sales representatives look for sales prospects. Unlike telemarketers of old, however, inside sales representatives don’t just rely on a list of phone numbers and make random calls. Rather, they get in touch with those who they have pre-screened, so to speak, and who are most likely to respond positively to their offers. For example, they may call only their existing clients who could possibly be interested in their offer based on their previous purchases. They may also target only prospective clients who heeded a call-to-action placed in their website.

An important task of inside sales representatives is qualifying the leads given to them by their company. Since inside sales involve medium to large business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions, representatives must conduct research about the company and the representatives that they will be calling. Today, doing research involves gathering information about the company online and looking at the social media posts of the members of the executive team. The pieces of information that they have gleaned in their research will help them hit the sweet spot of the person on the other end of the line so they can close the deal successfully. If the inside sales representative is not allowed to complete the transaction, they will inform sales managers if a lead is qualified and the latter will then proceed to finish the transaction.

Inside sales representatives have to know how to use the latest technologies to close deals. This is because the phone is not the only instrument that they will use to engage potential clients. They also have to utilize social media and online advertising to be able to reach out to prospective customers. They must also know how to campaign effectively through email to be able to close a transaction. Since most of their campaigns are carried out through online platforms, they should also know how monitor their effectiveness using various metrics and online analytical tools.

Unlike telemarketers who follow a script when talking with prospective clients, inside sales representatives use their head and improvise when the situation calls for it. Thus, it may take them a lot of conversations with their potential clients before they can close a deal. This is why persistence is key in this work.

Inside sales representatives can expect to work long hours and may even need to talk with clients when they are already at home. As such, they must be willing to bring home work. They may also need to perform administrative tasks and write reports after office hours.

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How To Become An Inside Sales Representative

How To Become An Inside Sales Representative

An inside sales representative calls prospective customers or engaging with existing ones through email, phone, social media and other methods to sell their companies products or services.. The term [...]

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