What Is A Workday Like For A Homeopathic Doctor?

"I am interested in homeopathy, but not really sure what they do day-to-day. What is a typical workday for a homeopathic doctor?"

asked by George from Breitenbush, Oregon

Homeopathy is a growing field, and there are a few different models that most homeopaths follow. Nurses and counselors that include homeopathic medicine in their treatments often work in hospital or clinic settings. Their workdays are usually like other health care professionals in that location. They may work the standard 9am to 5pm, or they may work be on-call in 12 or 24-hour rotations. They might spend a significant amount of time with each patient, diagnosing their symptoms, lifestyle, diet, and other factors to determine the appropriate treatment. Homeopaths in a hospital setting may also see several patients in a day in quick succession, with only a few minutes with each patient to learn their needs and make a diagnosis.

Homeopathic doctors, or Naturopaths who specialize in homeopathy, are more likely to develop long-term relationships with their individual clients. They usually work in private or shared offices, though they may sometimes be on staff at one or several hospitals. They usually see clients from 8 or 9 in the morning until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Some homeopathic doctors will have evening and/or weekend hours to accommodate their professional clients.

With the demanding nature of the focused interactions required of this work, even full-time homeopathic doctors need to leave space in their weekly schedule to maintain balance and avoid burnout. A burned-out doctor cannot truly help anyone.

Homeopaths with extensive training, experience, and credentials can usually choose the times that they want to work. Homeopathy is primarily a one-on-one field. The practitioner develops a relationship with the client, learning his or her physical health, lifestyle, diet, genetic background, mental state, and emotional well-being. For this reason, the quality and level of compassionate, effective care a homeopath gives is more important than when or where he or she works.

A typical day for a homeopathic doctor working in a private office would be to see three or four patients in the morning, take a lunch that might include reading an article about the latest research in the field, then another two or three clients in the afternoon.

Each client would receive the doctor’s undivided attention, and they would converse about the patient’s entire life. The homeopath would prescribe a course of treatment that takes into account the entire person, not just the symptoms of one disease. Prescriptions include specific homeopathic medicinal remedies, but might also include recommendations about lifestyle, diet, complementary therapy, and/or exercise regimes.

The doctor would also spend time maintaining client records, and researching cases and questions that are new to him or her. As with any holistic health practitioner, a homeopath is most effective when he or she devotes time to maintaining personal balance and health, as well. This could include Yoga, Tai Chi, or another mind-body-spirit discipline, exercise, mindful eating practices, and conscious recreation.

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