What Is An IT Coordinator?

"I am currently looking for job as I have just obtained by bachelor’s degree in information technology. A friend of mine said their company was looking for an IT coordinator and said I should give it a try. I’m hesitant to send my application because I’m not familiar with it. What is an IT coordinator?"

asked by Dillon M. from Decatur, Georgia

In the age of information technology or IT, computers and the Internet are indispensable in the functioning of a business. Since everything is already linked through computer and IT systems, a problem with even just one computer or an issue with the Internet connection can significantly derail the operations of one department or even affect the entire company. In order to deal with these problems in a fast, efficient and effective manner, the firm needs to hire an IT coordinator.

The simplest way to describe the role of an IT coordinator is that he is someone who serves as the link between the company’s technical team and that of its end-users who are not as knowledgeable about technology. The IT coordinator is the bridge that will communicate any issues or concerns from either party to each other, especially when it comes to problems that the company’s non-technical people experience.

Thus, the IT coordinator is responsible for addressing issues that end users experience. When a computer suddenly crashes or the printer fails to print or when the entire broadband network bogs down, the IT coordinator is the first person that they go to. If he can address the issue then he takes care of the problem right then and there.

If the problem is more complex and beyond his technical capacity, the IT coordinator is responsible for getting in touch with an external expert or the company’s consultant who can provide the solution. He then implements the solutions that the consultant suggests.

IT coordinators are also responsible for maintaining the company’s entire IT infrastructure. Maintenance tasks involve installing new PCs as soon as they arrive, monitoring their performance and ensuring that the entire IT system is safe and secure. Other tasks include running a backup regularly and installing software programs and anti-virus software.

IT coordinators also perform administrative tasks. These include purchasing new equipment, paying bills, keeping files of computer licenses, receipts and other warranties and renewing upgrades. These administrative duties are important in the smooth functioning of the business.

For example, in the event that the computers ordered are defective, having all the receipts on hand will ensure faster and hassle-free replacement of the unit. Keeping a record of the regular maintenance schedule of the entire IT infrastructure and the problems that were addressed in each check up will also make it easier to pinpoint other problems that may occur down the road.

IT coordinators are integral in organizations large and small. Because of the job they do, the rest of the company can go on with their work even if there are problems in other departments that the IT coordinator and the rest of the IT team are addressing. There won’t be a need to assemble the company’s best minds to figure out a solution. In so doing, IT coordinators are integral in keeping the company’s IT infrastructure working, saving the firm time, money and effort.

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