What Is Construction Engineering?

The field that focuses on the design, planning, building and management of roads, bridges, utility systems, dams and other pieces of infrastructure is known as construction engineering. This professional discipline seeks to ensure that the projects are completed on time and that the blueprints and technical specifications are followed. This is a very important responsibility undertaken by construction engineers since the safety and durability of the structure will depend on its adherence to a carefully-crafted plan. In addition to ensuring that the main project follows the original specifications to maintain quality, construction engineers must also see to it that the temporary structures that will be used while the project is going on are also durable and safe.

Construction engineering is a fusion between civil engineering and construction management. The planning and design aspect of the field comes from the civil engineering discipline while management of the activities in the construction site is derived from the area of construction management. Construction engineers are similar to civil engineers in the sense that both are eligible to become licensed. After obtaining their degrees, getting the required experience and passing two exams, both can now claim the title of Professional Engineers.

On the other end of the spectrum, construction engineers and construction managers aren’t entirely alike. Although construction engineers may perform some similar functions as that of construction managers, the latter is not eligible for licensure as a Professional Engineer. Construction managers don’t focus so much on the design the way construction engineers do. Rather, they are concerned with ensuring that quality project is finished on schedule and within the approved budget.

Aspiring construction engineers need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering to be able to enter the profession. The curriculum typically includes general science and math courses in the early years. As students progress in their studies, they also take up courses in engineering design, engineering mechanics and construction management. This training enables them to fulfill their functions both in the design and planning spheres as well as equipping them to manage the resources and personnel while the construction is going on. For construction engineers who are intent on advancing their degrees or plan to teach in the academe, obtaining a postgraduate degree in civil engineering, engineering management or similar degrees becomes the next logical step.

For construction engineers to succeed in their line of work, they need more than degree. They must also possess the skills necessary for them to do their job well. For example, they should have the technical knowledge that will enable them to design and build infrastructure pieces that will meet the needs of their clients. If there are difficulties encountered during the construction phase, they should be able to solve these issues promptly so that the project can proceed. Aside from the technical know-how and the analytical skills, construction engineers should also be able to manage their time well so that the project gets completed on schedule. They should also know how to talk with and treat their workers so that the latter will be motivated to work. This profession also entails a degree of business savvy since they must also see to it that the project is completed within budget.

Career Spotlight: Construction Engineer

Construction Engineer

Construction Engineer

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