What Is Customer Service?

Customer service refers to the act of providing service to customers of any company or organization. Contrary to what some people assume, customer service does not only happen at the moment the customer buys the product. It also encompasses the service given to clients before they make the actual purchase and after they have already paid for the goods or services. The goal of customer service is to satisfy the customer and even exceed their expectations of the service they have obtained or the product that they have bought.

Businesses should put a premium on the kind of customer service that they are giving to guests because excellent customer service can help drive sales and profits upwards. Poor customer service, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on the company’s image which can consequently bring down sales.

Customer service can be given in many different ways. These include providing customer support in the installation, troubleshooting and disposal of the product purchased. Companies selling appliances like television, DVD players and computers as well as gadgets like mobile phones typically provide technical support to customers who might have problems operating the product after bringing it home. Customer service may be provided by companies in person through customer service representatives that are available by phone 24/7. In the age of the Internet, customer service may also be provided online by allowing clients to diagnose issues with their products through instructions placed on a page on their website or by providing customers with the opportunity to chat with their representatives online. Some establishments also allow customers to channel their concerns through text messaging.

In order to deliver excellent customer service, company representatives must be polite and professional. Giving the appropriate welcome when a customer enters the establishment and saying thank you after he leaves, whether he buys or not, are all hallmarks of excellent customer service. Getting the customer’s name, listening to their concerns and addressing their questions personalize the delivery of customer service which can help in making customers loyal to the establishment. Avoiding delays in the delivery of the product and addressing customers’ concerns promptly are also indicators that the company is giving importance to its customers.

For businesses and companies to deliver great customer service to its clients, it’s important for their representatives and personnel to know the product they are offering inside out. This is vital because customers who are interested in a product or service will have a lot of questions before actually making the purchase. They should also listen to customers, maintain eye contact and smile. Company employees who are at the frontline should also go the extra mile if possible to make customers feel good.

Customer service can make or break a company. Great customer service can propel a company up while poor customer service can bring it down. In this day and age of social media, word spreads fast and the reputation of a company can be decided with just a single incident of how customer service is delivered. Thus, it’s crucial for all establishments to put their best foot forward when dealing with their clients.

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