What Is Digital Strategy?

Digital strategy is a relatively new concept that has arisen due to the increasing importance that digital tools like social media, search and others play a role in promoting businesses and organizations. By having a digital strategy in place, companies are able to identify, plan and ultimately execute these opportunities in the digital sphere. The goal of digital strategy is to make the company or organization stay a step ahead of his competitors.

An organization’s digital strategy serves as a map for the actions it intends to implement in the information technology world. This strategy is typically geared to reach customers, both existing and potential, with the end goal of engaging with them and developing brand recall. It also has the purpose of improving the organization’s visibility in social media as well as in organic search results. This digital blueprint should also include methods and initiatives by which the company can manage its reputation.

Digital strategy requires both technical knowledge on the backend infrastructure that make the initiatives geared towards its target market possible while at the same time the digital business savvy and data-gathering skills that would demonstrate how the strategies implemented have enhanced the way the company does business. Knowledge of Analytics tools from both Google and Facebook and other digital tools like Cognos and SproutSocial are going to be fundamental to a company’s digital strategy initiatives.

Compared to a traditional business strategy which is long-term by nature, digital strategy is short-term. Objectives are established and evaluated from month-to-month as opposed to the years allocated for road maps in a traditional business plan. A well-implemented digital strategy will earn for the company new abilities—whether they are in the form of people and technologies—that will put it at the forefront of the competition. Having an expert on the field on board who is known for his social media campaign successes, for example, will allow the company to offer unique selling points that would engage visitors and consequently add to their customer base. By gaining new technological tools through their digital strategy initiatives, an organization is more equipped to measure statistics in real time and take immediate action when problems come up.

Research is crucial to any digital strategy initiative. Since this is focused on the consumer, it’s important to know the target market more intimately. Factors like their demographics, their social media usage, occupation and interests are necessary components for a comprehensive digital strategy.

Digital strategists or the professionals who are considered experts at digital strategy typically work under the organization’s chief information officer. In others, digital strategists are headed by a chief digital officer. Although digital strategists should possess knowledge about the Internet, social media and search that are so vital in this profession, it’s important to understand that a background in marketing, business and communications are also equally important.

With the Internet pervading virtually all aspects of business today, a digital strategy becomes imperative for companies and organizations to succeed. Combined with a viable business plan, a well-planned and properly-executed digital strategy will take the organization to greater heights than ever before.

Career Spotlight: Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

A digital strategist provides solutions to a company’s business problems as they relate to the digital world. You will be responsible for creating marketing plans to improve, for example, a company[...]

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