What Is Rewarding About Being A Nurse?

"I want a career that will be personally fulfilling. So I’m thinking of either a career in the healthcare or education sector. Can you please enlighten me on what is so rewarding about being a nurse?"

asked by Deborah T. from Spartanburg, South Carolina

The rewards of being a nurse are numerous and they come at the clinical and emotional levels. Best of all, the nurse experiences these rewards many times in a day. On the clinical side, nurses are rewarded by the fact that it is their knowledge and training that helps save lives—whether these are that of their families, friend, people they just happen to help on the street or their patients in the hospital.

Their training in school as well as their work experience in a hospital makes their response to emergencies automatic and their movements certain. Saving the life of another individual is already rewarding in and of itself. Doing it in the course of performing your regular day-to-day duties week after week is nothing short of amazing.

The emotional rewards of being a nurse come in many different events. In many cases, a nurse becomes the patient’s confidante. Since a nurse monitors the patient’s condition regularly, a trust-based relationship then gets developed between her and her patient. When family members are not around or when the patient does not want to share some of his feelings or fears with his loved ones, nurses often extend a listening ear.

The nurse may just have kept quiet and held the patient’s hand. However, the fact that someone actually took the time to listen means a lot to someone undergoing both physical and mental pain. Some patients are very vocal about this and express their thanks while others don’t. But either way, the nurse feels emotionally rewarded because she knows that she is doing more than what her duty requires.

Playing a direct role in life’s most meaningful moments is also emotionally rewarding. Helping a doctor bring forth a baby into the world and later giving the child to the mother for her to nurse is just a marvelous and utterly rewarding feeling. Imagine doing this on a regular basis!

On the other end of the spectrum, nurses are often the first to console a family when their loved one passes away. Helping them make the necessary funeral arrangements for their dead relative is very fulfilling although it can be a sad experience at the same time.

On the practical aspect, the financial rewards of a nursing career come in the form of getting good wages. As nurses move up to positions of responsibility or get more education so they can specialize as a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist, the salary they receive also increases.

While it is true that the job of a nurse is rigorous and demanding and that the compensation they receive cannot equal the work and service they provide, it’s still a fact that nurses do get good wages. As far as careers go, that is a very tangible reward.

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