What Is Rewarding About Being A Teacher?

"I am torn between taking up education or finance in college. My motivation is easier for finance because I know that there’s big money here since all my relatives are working in the banking industry. I also want to teach but first I want to know: What is so rewarding about being a teacher?"

asked by Rodney T. from Bossier City, Louisiana

Why should I teach? This is a common question asked by those who are considering a job in the field of education. The pay is certainly not the main motivation especially when viewed in light of their heavy responsibilities. However, the rewards of being a teacher transcend the compensation received.

First of all, teaching is a vocation. It’s not something you do just to be able to get a paycheck. It’s a career that you do for life because you want to provide service. The students you handle will forever remember the lessons you teach even when they grow old. For the teacher, it’s the mark they leave in the hearts of their students that is its own reward, not the salary or other financial benefits given by the school.

Another reward that teachers get every day is the chance to work in an environment that’s dynamic. You never do the same thing every day. Aside from teaching new topics to your students, you also employ various methods in order to let them internalize each lesson. If there are students who don’t seem to understand your presentation, you find creative ways to teach it. In case you don’t know it yet, this youthful and dynamic environment is revitalizing. With this kind of work environment, stress is less likely to occur and when it does, it will be overcome easily because of your love for the job.

The third kind of reward that teachers get is that it’s a profession that encourages you to keep on learning. You may be the one introducing the lessons but the students will always ask different questions. As a result, you can never claim expertise in one topic but will always be encouraged to keep on learning about new things. Constant mental stimulation, such as by learning something new every day, has been shown to be one of the pillars for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Teaching is also rewarding because you get to decide how your classroom is run. Not a lot of jobs give you the opportunity to do your work independently on a daily basis. With teaching, however, you can decide on the activities you do each day provided, of course, that you follow school policies.

Job security and stability is another reward that teaching offers in a world where layoffs are common. There will always be a need for teachers so it’s a profession that will always have job opportunities. When you are a postsecondary teacher with tenure, the institution you teach cannot just fire you any time without just cause.

A final reward about being a teacher is the chance to enjoy a lot of vacation time. Most schools give teachers summers off, another couple of weeks off during the winter and another week off in the spring. That’s more vacations than you can expect in other careers. It’s the ideal set up especially when your kids study in the same school where you teach in. It means more time together to bond with the family. That would be one of the most important rewards of all!

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