What Is The Difference Between An Aesthetician And An Esthetician?

At the outset, the difference between aestheticians and estheticians seems to be in the spelling. Remove the “a” in the first word and both would be the same. This initial take on both these careers is also quite right. Both are licensed skin specialists. They are able to use different methods and techniques to treat a client’s skincare issues.

The two are also differentiated in terms of their place of work and the responsibilities they do. Estheticians generally refer to skincare specialists who do their work in salons and spas. Aestheticians refer to medical aestheticians who are hired by hospitals and other kinds of healthcare facilities.

Estheticians or skincare specialists provide clients with cosmetic skin treatment procedures. They are trained to provide facials, skin exfoliation, aromatherapy and massage. They also know how to do waxing and body treatments as well as perform specialty treatments in spas, salons, fitness clubs and resorts.

In order to work as an esthetician, one has to get the necessary training which can last for anywhere from 260 to 600 hours. There are certificate, diploma and associate’s degree programs for aspiring estheticians offered in community colleges and vocational schools. In order to stay on top of the most recent developments in skincare, estheticians may also obtain postgraduate education.

Medical aestheticians are skincare specialists who practice in the healthcare setting. That is, they work with burn victims and other patients whose skins have been damaged due to surgery, accidents, chemotherapy and other unfortunate events. They also work with patients who have skin diseases and other conditions, helping them manage these. They teach and help patients on how to cleanse their skin and apply the right cosmetics to hide scars and other imperfections. They look at the patient’s skin and recommend a particular skincare regimen to improve the condition. Under the direction of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, medical aestheticians also help patients by preparing their skin before and caring for it after surgery.

Depending on the training and experience received, medical aestheticians may provide such services as chemical peels, laser treatment, cosmetic fillers and botox injections. Aside from hospitals, their services are also needed in trauma centers, burn units and reconstructive surgery centers. Just like estheticians, aestheticians also need to get the necessary training and obtain a certificate, diploma or associate’s degree. They also need to obtain a license to practice. Licensure requirements vary by state. In order to improve one’s chances of getting hired by a clinic or a hospital, the aspiring medical esthetician can take up additional classes in human anatomy and medical terminology as well.

Whether one works as an esthetician or medical aesthetician, having listening skills is important. Skincare specialists need to know what their clients want and be able to deliver these treatment regimens accurately. They must also have physical stamina and endurance since they will be doing many procedures on their feet for long periods of time. Both professions also require manual dexterity as treatments are usually administered using the hands.

Both specialists must have empathy for their clients. Dealing with something that is disfiguring to the skin, whether it is acne or a burn, can have a direct effect on a person’s confidence. As such, they need to understand what the patient is going through in order to provide the best care.

Part of their work involves making sure that their work space is clean. This is to ensure that the work environment is hygienic and sanitary. It will also encourage repeat customers. Those skincare specialists who operate their own businesses also need to have business skills so they can run their operations successfully. They should know basic accounting principles and possess management and human resource skills in order to stay in business. They should also know how to provide the best service to customers so they can maintain a regular clientele and continue to have work.

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