What Is The Highest Paying Job In Communications?

"I’m in my second year studying to earn a B.A. in Communication. I like the classes and I find it really interesting, especially the theoretical aspects, but I don’t think that theory is going to pay me a lot of money. And the problem with it is, it seems like there are a lot of low-paying jobs in this field. My friend’s dad is a radio DJ and he only makes like $26,000 a year. That’s hardly even a living wage where I live. Journalism looks like it’s hit or miss with salary. What are the highest paying jobs I can qualify for after I graduate?"

asked by Dustin from Austin, TX

Most jobs in the field of communication pay moderately well. The one that you cited is the lowest-paying job in the field (unless you count attempting to freelance and not finding a lot of work in writing). It’s certainly the lowest-paying salaried position. And as you may already be aware, it’s one of the highest-pressure jobs in the field as well.

You’re not as far off as you may think with studying theory if you want to earn good money. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website states the median salary for postsecondary teachers as $62,050. That’s one of the higher wages that can be made by communication graduates. If teaching is something you think you might enjoy, you could pass your theoretical knowledge on to others after you complete your course of study.

You generally need a master’s degree to teach in university, but you may find work teaching at a community college with only a bachelor’s degree. A higher degree will likely result in a higher-paying job however, and keep in mind a lot of other factors can influence your pay, including departmental politics.

A couple of other jobs to consider are technical writing and public relations. Technical writers focus on communicating about challenging scientific and engineering topics, and make a median salary slightly higher than that commanded by postsecondary teachers.

Public relationships specialists make around $57,550 a year and focus on disseminating information on the behalf of their employers. They are the public face of their companies. Either job requires only a bachelor’s degree. The public relations job is among the fastest growing in the country right now.

One more job worth discussing while we’re on this topic is weather reporter. This is technically the highest paying job in the communication field. The median salary reported by the BLS is $87,780. The hours are good and the job is growing about as fast as average. The catch however is that you need a bachelor’s degree in meteorology or a similar field—the degree in communication won’t be sufficient.

Since you’re in your second year, you still probably have time to switch majors if that’s something which entices you. Most of the courses you’ve taken will likely transfer over to your new major, especially if some of your communication classes have been broadcast related.

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