What Jobs Can You Get With A Degree In International Relations?

"What jobs can you get with a degree in International Relations?"

asked by John from Yazoo City, MS

A degree in International Relations provides its graduates with a vast number of career opportunities through both the knowledge and skills acquired. While many who study international relations will pursue government employment, there are many non-government employment opportunities as well. I will do my best to give you an idea of the career options you have.

As a graduate of international relations, you will possess skills and knowledge that many government organizations will find valuable. As a student you gain research & analysis experience, learn to problem solve, learn to communicate effectively through both verbal and written means, and gain a knowledge of both national and various foreign political systems.

With these skills and knowledge you could find positions within national organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and many other agencies where you could work in international/national positions ranging from field agent to intelligence analyst

If you learn a foreign language, especially a difficult one such as Arabic or Mandarin, that knowledge will also help increase your job prospects.

Additionally, if you are interested in working in an international governmental organization such as the United Nations the more languages you learn the better your opportunities will be. Aside from national organizations you could work at the state or local level of governments with the skill set and knowledge you will gain through your degree.

If government work doesn’t interest you there are always positions in organizations such as think tanks, lobby groups, international charities, or university education where you will find both your knowledge and skills of value. Think tanks and lobby groups while not technically government jobs do spend a lot of their time interacting with government organizations as it is their purpose to influence/inform policy decisions.

International charities such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both deal with government organizations as well, but they also are active in the field working internationally with various local groups (a foreign language would benefit you here greatly). University education is another area of non-government careers where your knowledge can have you teaching and/or conduction research projects.

If none of the career ideas above sound interesting to you, then you could always seek employment based more on your skills than the knowledge gained through your degree. The abilities to problem solve, conduct research/analysis, and communicate effectively are skills highly valued within the professions found in business, banking, and journalism to name a few.

There are a large number of multinational corporations and international banking that would value your skills developed through your degree. Journalism is another area where your skills and knowledge would find great use, if you find that you enjoy researching/writing.

An International Relations degree can provide you with a diverse choice of career opportunities. You will gain an amazing set of skills as well as the opportunity to develop knowledge that will help you to obtain an exciting and challenging career. What is important to remember is that as you go through your degree you continue to research possible careers so you can better tailor your learning to your career interest. It’s your education and your future, so be sure to get the most out of it.

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