What Should I Major In For Law School?

"I have been looking into colleges for next year (I am a senior in high school right now) and I want to study Law, but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be majoring in? I have been trying to find a school that offers Pre-Law, but I can’t find a single one. I don’t get it. This isn’t an unusual major. So why can’t I find any schools that will let me get started? What is going on? Please help! I need to start sending out applications, and I don’t understand what to do."

asked by Abe from Hartford, CT

The reason you are not finding any schools that offer Pre-Law is because Pre-Law is not actually a major. Instead, “Pre-Law” simply refers to whatever major you do choose for your undergraduate degree. How do you major in Pre-Law? Just choose a degree which you think will provide you with adequate preparation for law school.

What do you need to get into law school? According to the American Bar Association, you need to get a bachelor’s degree. There is no specific degree which is defined as “Pre-Law” however, which means that to major in Pre-Law, you only have to make sure you actually get a bachelor’s degree.

Unlike Pre-Med, there are no specific course requirements, so you have even more freedom with your choices. You can get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and be accepted. You may even apply with a higher degree like a master’s degree or doctorate and get accepted, but there is no reason to pursue either if you already know at this stage in the game that law is what you’re going for.

Which major should you choose? As there are no pre-set requirements for the classes, you can technically major in anything, as long as you can explain it to the board. Even something unconventional may be acceptable so long as your choice makes sense when you elaborate on it.

There are some common choices which are good to default to if you don’t have anything specific in mind. Political science, history, English, criminal justice, psychology, and government service are all great fields. If you’re more for taking a science, consider physics, biology or chemistry.

“But wait; what do all of these fields have to do with law?” That’s what you may be asking yourself. The answer is, “plenty.” Law is an extremely complex business, and you can find connections between law and pretty much any degree.

Try to figure out what aspect of law or criminal justice interests you, and then take it from there when you decide what major to use as your Pre-Law degree.

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