What Types Of Jobs Are In Information Technology?

"I love working on computers, and I am pretty good at fixing them, too. I’ve tackled a lot of hardware problems and software problems with success, even though I have no schooling in IT. So I was thinking that IT would be a pretty natural career choice for me, being as I already seem to be good at it. Maybe a degree in IT would lead to a job that I’d do well in and enjoy. What are the different types of jobs which I can get in Information Technology?"

asked by Amanda from Phoenix, AZ

There are many different jobs in the field of IT which are both lucrative and in demand. Here are a few of the occupations you could consider which might suit your set of skills:

IT consultant

In this role, you provide your services to companies and clients which need your expertise. As a consultant, you can help others to optimize their IT solutions. As an IT consultant, you can even start your own business, working for many different clients.

Network administrator

IT professionals who work as network administrators ensure that company networks are functioning at their best. They troubleshoot issues with gateways and routers, and ensure that the network architecture and security are adequate for business operations.

Web developer

These days it’s critical for businesses to get attention online. If you have a knack for HTML, a job as a web developer could be perfect for you.

Cloud architect

Cloud computing is a big deal these days. More and more organizations are storing their data “in the cloud.” Cloud architects structure this virtual space. It’s one of the most highly paid IT jobs in existence right now.

Virus removal and computer troubleshooting

You can also become an IT professional who specializes in cleaning infected hard drives and repairing computers with errors.

Medical IT specialist

Health related careers are on the rise, and IT careers in health offer a chance to take advantage of the growing opportunity in the medical job market. Health IT specialists help to organize medical record systems online and keep information on patients organized.

There are a wide variety of IT jobs out there, and there is growing demand in many areas of information technology. Computers have become a huge part of our lives, and more and more industries are turning to cloud storage and other technological solutions. As an IT specialist, you are putting yourself in a position to provide critical support to companies and individuals in many different sectors.

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