Why Study Teaching?

"I have been contemplating my college career, and think that I would like to be a teacher. I have great memories of teachers who inspired me, and I think I would like to do the same. Why should I study teaching?"

asked by Amelia G. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Teachers spend each day with children, and within each day there are many opportunities for children to be inspired. In addition to actually teaching content, teachers have conversations with each child and are portrayed as a positive role model for the children. Think about the teachers you have had throughout your school career, and think about how many teachers inspired you to always do your best, make the right decisions, and never give up! Education is not only about teaching and learning; it is about guiding and motivating. In those moments of inspiring your students to be the best they can be, and knowing that they are listening is surely a great feeling! And sadly, to some students, you may be the only positive role model in their lives, which makes the feeling of greatness even more intense!

To Teach, of Course!
The main responsibility of teachers is to educate their students. Educating each and every student is much more than just standing in front of a classroom and delivering content. There is a great deal of knowledge that is needed in order to be effective at planning lessons; from the introduction of the concept to the assessment to check for understanding.

There is also a massive amount of learning that is accomplished throughout the school year, as teachers have hundreds of objectives that they are responsible for teaching to the students, and are responsible for their successful acquisition of the objectives. Feeling satisfied at the end of the each school day, teachers know that their students will go home after learning something new. It is very empowering!

To Help Others Be Successful
Throughout your teaching career, you will teach thousands of students. You will play a part in helping them be successful once they move on to the next grade level and eventually graduate. Also, teachers are not simply teachers in the classroom. Teachers are natural motivators, and there will be times where past students come to visit you with questions about their own career choices.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, teachers are a part of other activities, such as after-school clubs, organizations, sports, and community activities. With these extra-curricular activities come additional opportunities for educators to help others be successful. If you become a coach of a particular sport, or a teacher in charge of a club, each day, after-school, you will be involved in motivating, inspiring, and just “being there” for your players or members. Think about when you did an extra-curricular activity when you were in school, and how much you looked forward to spending quality time with the coach or teacher. And think about after each practice or competition of the way you felt when you knew your coach or teacher was proud of what you did! That is how students feel today; nothing has changed. All students need to feel successful, and you may be the only one that helps in this area for some students!

As you can see, being a teacher is not just about teaching. It is so much more than that. It is such an amazing feeling to have a student return to your classroom after being in college or the military and give you a hug and a thank you for all you did for them. The thing is, you may not even remember what you actually did! It is not just one thing, not just one moment, but a series of days and events all rolled into one, that led to their positive view of you. So, if you would like to educate others and so much more, then this is why you should study teaching!

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